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Creations and Customizations

Elevate your event, celebration, festival, or wedding with the enchanting touch of Dazzling Ice Sculptures. Allow us to transform your vision into reality with our array of fully customizable options, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Business Logo

In full color, or crystal clear, add a touch of elegance to showcase your business

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Live Carvings/Installments

We bring the carving to you! Guests love to watch and interact with live displays 

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Holiday parties and gatherings are the perfect place for an ice display any time of year


Ice Bars

Go bigger and showcase a beverage bar made entirely from ice 


Weddings, Galas & Banquets

Dazzle your guests with a remarkable, centerpiece for one table, or all

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Events and festivals

Get crafty and let attendees immerse themselves in a world made of ice


159 Pleasant View Dr.

Loveland, CO 80537



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